The Cilasoft Suite

IBM i LogoDeveloped specifically for enterprise level IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) environments, the Cilasoft Suite offers businesses a comprehensive auditing software solution and network security software solution rolled into one.

The Cilasoft Audit and Security Suite includes five high-performance software products that, when installed together, synergize to simplify  and strengthen your company’s auditing and data security on IBM i systems.

These five solutions include:

  • QJRN/400
  • DVM
  • EAM

Each of them addresses a key component of your IBM i auditing and security needs. Installed together, you receive a single, integrated interface that centralizes all five products. The Cilasoft Suite will then efficiently augment your business’s auditing, traceability, privacy data, data protection, and access control abilities.

With Cilasoft Suite tools at your command, detecting fraud, preventing fraud, and complying with regulations becomes a simple, reliable, and manageable part of your operations, including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry — Data Security Standard), Basel II, HIPPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), 23-CFR, and more.

Components of the Suite

QJRN/400 – Auditing and Compliance Software for IBM i

This component of the Cilasoft Suite greatly reduces overhead related to regulatory compliance, saving companies time and money.

QJRN/400 scans all system and database activity for fraudulent activity and then automatically sends accurate, reliable reports to specified team members. It is a critical tool for detecting company fraud and preparing for audits and regulatory compliance.

CONTROLER – Global Access Control for IBM i

Cilasoft CONTROLER has transformed global access control and security for IBM i enterprises. Flexible and powerful, this component and its unique architecture offer a data-centric approach to any type of access need.

DVM – Database View Monitor for Auditing Read Access

DVM gives you a transparent window into the access activities of every sensitive file on your database. It displays every detail of file access, including who viewed the file, when it was viewed, and the access method used to view it.

Cilasoft’s DVM component augments your auditing process with real-time, read-access reporting on all database access events, greatly simplifying regulatory compliance processes related to confidentiality.

EAM – Cilasoft’s Elevated Authority Management Solution

This module allows you to reduce the number of powerful IBM i user profiles, elevate the user access settings of user profiles on-the-fly, and produce a clear and complete audit trail of all activity from a temporarily-elevated user.

It is designed for managers who need complete control over user activity on IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) systems.

CENTRAL – The Data Consolidation and Distribution Solution

Cilasoft CENTRAL steps in to create a focal point where you can view and deploy data-sets to and from multiple locations. One central location to keep businesses running from every location of operation.

Benefits of the Cilasoft Suite

  • All-encompassing auditing and network security for IBM i systems.
  • Several security and auditing components rolled into one.
  • A single, centralized interface for all components.
  • Easily detects and prevents fraud.
  • Saves time and money by complying with regulatory standards in a fraction of the time.

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