CONTROLER from Cilasoft

IBM i LogoAccess control of your IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) systems should be powerful and effective, but many global access software solutions fail to deliver the flexibility and ease-of-use that would make them manageable and, therefore, actionably powerful.

We present you with CONTROLER from Cilasoft, the security access software for IBM i that truly does it all.

CONTROLER enhances your exiting database security by introducing a new security layer into your classic or adopted authority modes, complementing standard IBM i OS security perfectly. It boasts an exclusive, data-oriented architecture that greatly augments data security while simplifying it in a way that puts every aspect of control in your hands.

Even if you’re already using another product, CONTROLER is guaranteed to take your security to the next level. Once installed, you can say goodbye to surprise access to your enterprise files from outside your organization’s own applications.

Full Control Over Access and Commands

CONTROLER grants you full control of database access and commands using mainly exit point protocols. It allows you to control access through network protocols (FTP, ODBC, DDM, DRDA, NetServer, TELNET, etc.), all user and system commands (remote or 5250), SQL statements (e.g. STRSQL, RUNSQLSTM, EDRSQL, Embedded SQL), jobs, file opens, and more.

It includes two modules which can be purchased individually or together as a suite. Its modules are Access Protocol Control and Command Control.

Access Protocol Control

Access Protocol Control provides a wide range of control features. With one easily-maintained rule, you can prevent any authentication process, block open session requests (beyond just TELNET),  reinforce security of generic user profiles, use generic controls to secure remote commands, create blocks and alerts for any event, block criteria-specific SQL statements, and file access outside of regular application programs, just to name a few.

Command Control

Just imagine having control to block virtually any command under virtually any condition that you indicate. That’s what Command Control delivers.

It allows control to block condition-specific commands, such as outside of EAM or after business hours, restrict the access of SECADM users to certain system values, require users to qualify files for UPDDTA, prevent file copy/save activity outside of normal procedures, and more.

Benefits of CONTROLER

  • Makes regulatory compliance faster, easier, and less expensive.
  • Act quickly and efficiently on recorded security issues.
  • Promotes and enforces best practices.
  • Prevents fraudulent activity.