Protect your organisation's PII/PAN data with the IRI Data Protector Suite

World-class enterprise level sensitive data discovery and masking software

Unsecured data can damage your company’s reputation and risk significant financial losses in fines and revenues. Award-winning data-centric security software from IRI has been repeatedly proven in a wide range of breach nullification, regulatory compliance such as PCI-DSS and GDPR, and DevOps (test data) environments.

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The IRI Data Protector Suite Difference

IRI Data Protector Suite

The IRI Protector software suite is an enterprise level solution that finds and protects sensitive data, anywhere on your organisation’s network. Personally identifiable information (PII), credit card (PAN) and even commercially confidential information is identified from over 150 possible data sources.

Structured Data Masking

FieldShield classifies, finds, de-identifies, risk-scores, and audits PII in databases, flat files, JSON, etc.

Unstructured Data Masking

DarkShield classifies, finds, and deletes PII in text, pdf, MS documents, logs, NoSQL DBs, image files, and faces.

Excel® Data Masking

CellShield finds, reports on, masks, and audits changes to PII in Excel columns and values LAN-wide or in Office 365.

“We are quite impressed with the performance of IRI FieldShield. We did some tests on flat files and MS-SQL Server. The application also works quite efficiently in terms of CPU and memory use. We are impressed by the large number of environments (databases) FieldShield supports. This expresses IRI's broad experience in DB technology and interfacing, and was confirmed while working with the product and browsing the documentation.”

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