Job Scheduling for IBM i (iSeries, AS/400)

The RevSoft products have been developed to run natively on multiple platforms: Windows, AIX, Unix , IBM i LogoLinux… and IBM i (iSeries, AS/400). Indeed the IBM i platform has been supported for over 15 years, and the Rev products are used by small, medium and global iSeries organizations worldwide.

Whether you use the native IBM i scheduler, IBM i AJS scheduler or a 3rd party scheduler like Robot, there are many good technical and financial reasons to migrate to Rev Scheduler:

  • Manage cross-platform job dependencies – for example between IBM i and Windows, AIX, or Linux.  Perhaps you need to trigger IBM i jobs when an event occurs elsewhere on your network. Or you need Windows applications to run immediately after an iSeries job has finished. What’s needed is a single “Group Job” process that consists of inter-dependent jobs spanning one or multiple servers and platforms. Rev Scheduler handles all that, through a single user interface to schedule and monitor all jobs across all platforms.
  • By migrating to Rev Scheduler, we have reduced customers’ annual maintenance bills by up to 80% (sometimes more!), achieving ROI in less than one year, whilst improving their scheduling capability.
  • Unlimited free additional LPAR licenses with no maintenance fees. With just one “Primary” licence per IBM i Server, there’s zero additional cost to run multiple production, test and development licenses on the same machine.
  • Centralized views at no extra cost of all licensed LPARs/machines/platforms . Unlike other solution providers, we don’t charge you extra for centralized views and management of all scheduling activity across all licensed servers and platforms.
  • Secure web interface at no extra cost for remote monitoring/management . Check the schedule from anywhere, hold or force run jobs. It can all be done via the free Rev Web interface.
  • IBM Processor Group-based pricing helps avoids costly license upgrade fees. Unlike other 3rd party tool vendors, when you upgrade your hardware, there’s no license fee upgrade for Rev Scheduler if the IBM P Group remains unchanged.
  • Free migration tools to assist with migration from 3rd party scheduling tools and the IBM native scheduler. As well as saving time in creating your new schedule, you can even capture every job run whether by your users, programs or otherwise.
  • Proactive alerting of scheduling issues when teamed with Rev Message. Rev Message monitors all IBM i message queues, QHST etc, and applies filters and escalations as required, including those from Rev Scheduler. Rev Message is licensed in the same way as Rev Scheduler, so you will want to replace any 3rd party message management tool you currently have to further reduce your licensing and maintenance costs!
  • Option to extend automation to encompass data file transfers and resource/object monitoring when used with Rev Dataflow and Rev Guardian

And finally, you get access to Kantion’s 20+ years’ experience with the IBM i to ensure a low-risk implementation and maximum return on your investment.  Rev Scheduler, like all the Rev products, are available from Kantion on free evaluation.

For further information see the Rev Scheduler product page.

Compatible Platforms

Rev Scheduler Benefits

  • Centralizes batch processing across multiple server and platform types.
  • Eliminates manual job scheduling tasks.
  • Reduces human error with full automation.
  • Real-time process monitoring reduces business risks.
  • Saves time and lowers operational overhead for increased efficiency.

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