Assure Multi Factor Authentication for IBM i

IBM i LogoAs stories of data breaches caused by exploited credentials continue to make headlines, it is clear that basic password protection mechanisms are no longer good enough. Organizations require an additional layer of protection that is also easy to use and doesn’t impose an additional burden on administrators.

Multi-factor authentication, also referred to as two-factor authentication, has become a popular method for strengthening security since it requires a user to provide more than one identifying factor prior to accessing a system, an application or its data. These factors can include something they know (user id, password, PIN), something they have (email account, smart phone, token device) or something they are (finger print, iris scan).

Strengthen Password Security

With Assure Multi-Factor Authentication you have a choice of authentication methods:

• Built-In Authenticator – Assure Multi-Factor Authentication has a built-in authentication service that transmits a token by email and/or popup. This method is recommended for cost-sensitive environments.

• RADIUS-Compatible Authenticators – Assure Multi-Factor Authentication contains a RADIUS client that runs natively on IBM i for organizations that wish to use an existing RADIUS based authenticator or build their own RADIUS server. This includes authenticators such as the DUO Authenticator and the Microsoft Azure Authenticator.

• RSA SecurID® – Assure Multi-Factor Authentication is certified by RSA as compliant with SecureID to serve the most demanding environments through integration with RSA RADIUS servers and RSA RADIUS cloud services. RSA cloud services support biometrics, such as a finger print or facial image from a mobile phone, in addition to traditional voice mail token, SMS token, and push approval methods.

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Benefits of Assure Multi Factor Authentication

  • Add an authentication layer beyond memorized or written passwords

  • Meet regulatory requirements and recommendations in PCI DSS 3.2, HIPAA, 23 NYCRR 500, Swift Alliance Access and others

  • Invoke rules-based multi-factor authentication only for users or specific situations that require it

  • Lower the risk of unauthorized access to systems, applications and data

  • Reduce the risk of data theft and its costs and consequences

  • Maintain an audit trail of multi-factor authentication failures for alerts, reports or integration with a SIEM solution

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