Rocket Aldon Application Lifecycle Software Solutions

Rocket Aldon offers businesses and enterprises a modern software framework that streamlines application lifecycle management like no other product package available.

With Rocket Aldon products at your command, your team has everything it needs to plan, automate, implement, and monitor every step of development – from the point of change request to application deployment.

The result? . . . A centralized management system that:

  • Puts you in control of every facet of the application lifecycle
  • Increases developer productivity and punctuality
  • Automatically tracks processes, each step of the way

Compatible Platforms

Centralized Control Center to Manage Every Application

As one of its most beneficial features for organizations running on multiple operating systems and databases, Rocket Aldon products centralize them all with complete cross-platform compatibility.

Through the use of a Windows-based GUI and Windows Explorer development integrations, development teams have full control over the entire enterprise’s application development in a single view.

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