Rocket Process Automation

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Tedious, repetitive tasks are the bane of legacy applications. They bog down talented employees, waste enterprise resources, and frustrate customers. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) could be the answer.

Rocket® Process Automation brings intuitive, lowcode automation to thousands of IBM i workflows, applications, and sessions. Using automation to manage complicated green-screen tasks and lower the risk of human errors, it frees your workforce from soul-crushing repetitive work and channel their talents towards growing the business.

Bring legacy systems into the modern age through automation that’s scalable and cost-efficient for your business, with Rocket Process Automation.

Quick, significant ROI

With Rocket Process Automation, you can:

  • Boost productivity by accelerating transaction processing
  • Speed up throughput on a wide range of business operations, such as claims processing, payments, and call center response times
  • Reduce employee turnover by freeing talented people to perform more satisfying, meaningful work
  • Decrease error rates by minimizing manual user input
  • Improve customer service by letting reps focus on high-value interactions while automation takes care of mundane tasks
  • Avoid fines and penalties by leveraging RPA to comply with regulations

Making  RPA easy and effective for IBMi/Z

Here’s how Rocket® makes RPA easy and effective:

  • Rocket Process Automation is “low code”, so it’s simple to automate your IBM i or Z workflows; you don’t need to know the legacy code to connect your IBM i or Z app to the rest of your enterprise
  • It features reusable web services that integrate with other RPA platforms, such as UiPath™ and Blue Prism®
  • It automatically ensures the integrity of your data and the business logic of your IBM i or Z app as functionality is updated or changed
  • Creation of robots is straightforward, with tools that enable business users—not just programmers—to design the automation
  • Rocket Process Automation can scale to support thousands of sessions on a single platform, with both persistent and non-persistent connections

Benefits of Rocket Process Automation

  • Save time and money through better workflows and more efficient processes

  • Minimize the risk of manually introduced errors or inaccuracies

  • Reduce turnover with less tedious and more engaging work

  • Improve customer experience with streamlined support processes

  • Easily deploy, manage, and secure your automation projects