Rocket Aldon Community Manager

Community Manager, from Rocket Aldon, is a fully web-based service desk software solution for ALM (application lifecycle management) that creates a smooth workflow automation interface between businesses and IT teams.With its application and IT management hub capability, Community Manager promotes better communication and collaboration between both agile and non-agile teams.

Just some of its functionality includes: the ability to receive, automate, and manage an entire IT organization’s operational items, services and application lifecycle tracking, service desk functionality, mechanisms for for workflow approvals and processes, compliance solutions, and management of incidents — combined in one easy-to-use ALM software tool.

Compatible Platforms

Measure Productivity and Standardize Processes

Community Manager automates and standardizes your ALM processes, such as approvals, permissions, and escalations, everything from enhancements, new requests, and bug fixes.
And at the end of the day, CM will deliver key performance metrics to drive further team optimization and development intelligence. Track time, costs and other productivity measures to guide your teams to new levels of efficiency
We welcome you to contact Kantion for a free software demo of the Rocket Aldon Community Manager to begin your team’s transition to project centralization and automation.

Benefits of the Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager Web Portal

  • Connects agile and non-agile teams.
  • Brings flexible ALM to complex application development environments.
  • Hubs management of ALM projects and IT services.
  • Easily captures, automates, and managers the entire IT organizations systems and processes.
  • Eliminates the need for paper documents and Excel spreadsheets.

Web Portal Features

  • Easy-to-use web based interface to monitor and respond to requests.
  • Integrates service desk with application development.
  • Workflow automation with Sprint.
  • Centralized archive for all backlog items.
  • Full support for IT compliance items, such as ITIL.
  • Integrates with a CMDB.
  • Can schedule automatic reports and report distribution by email.

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