The right tools for end-to-end IBMi/Z legacy automation.

Many IBMi and Z customers run legacy applications that may contain inefficient and repetitious workflows and processes. These can incur greater costs for the organisation, and cause frustration for customers and staff due to cumbersome processes and slow response times.

Automation can be the answer, but it raises three big questions:

  • How do you tell which workflows and processes can be automated?
  • Do you have the right tools and expertise to make the necessary changes?
  • Are you missing hidden opportunities to achieve meaningful improvements?

Build an end-to-end automation strategy. No in-house legacy expertise required.

When you choose Rocket® Intelligent Legacy Automation (ILA) tools, IBM i and Z expertise is woven into the tools so you can intelligently build out a smart automation strategy that includes each step:

  • Process Insights to identify prime opportunities for workflow automation
  • Automation Prioritization to help put improvements in the right order to deliver maximum value for your enterprise
  • Process Automation, making it easy to create automation robots and APIs
  • Process Integration, to improve business alignment by building APIs that integrate legacy applications with other critical business applications
  • Automation Management, to centralize control of how robots and APIs are developed and deployed

Discover the difference Rocket® ILA products can make

Rocket Process Insights

Make it easy to see your workflows end-to-end so you can prioritize your IBM i modernization projects to achieve the best business return

Rocket Process Automation

Lets you extend automation to your legacy applications through RPA.

Rocket Process Integration

Lets you connect your legacy applications to the rest of business and align to how customers & employees actually engage with your busines

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