IRI DarkShield: data discovery & masking

Up to 90% of collected or generated corporate and government data remains hidden in unstructured text and image files, documents and databases, or other so-called dark data repositories. To mitigate the legal, financial, and reputational risk of exposing personally identifiable information (PII) or PAN data in these often obscure silos, and to comply with data privacy laws like the GDPR, you need a way to rapidly locate and secure the PII in them.

Part of the IRI Data Protector Suite, IRI DarkShield discovers, delivers and deletes sensitive information hidden in unstructured, “dark data” files and folders. It simultaneously finds, masks, and reports on sensitive data, in text files, documents, images and NoSQL DBs, and blurs all or selected faces.

Whether the PII/PAN is on your desktop, S3, or anywhere on your network, IRI DarkShield keeps it safe. IRI DarkShield finds and masks sensitive information in multiple unstructured DB and file formats in multiple silos, all at once, supporting compliance to laws such as the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and GDPR.

Query and display IRI DarkShield search and remediation results in its built-in, interactive dashboard. Or, use IRI CoSort or your RDB in Eclipse. Or, export its log data and customize the information display in SIEM tools like Datadog or Splunk ES

IRI DarkShield encrypts, masks, or otherwise anonymizes this data according to business rules and privacy laws, including PCI/DSS and GDPR.

IRI DarkShield can nullify the effects of data breaches, and reduce the risk of notifiable data breaches as required by the Australian Privacy Act 1988.

Leverage Machine Learning and NLP

IRI DarkShield represents a breakthrough in unstructured data masking technology, speed, usability, and affordability. It leverages named-entity recognition (NER), machine-learning and natural language processing for finding named entities in context. DarkShield consolidates and multi-threads the search, extraction, remediation, and reporting of PII in multiple data formats and folders on your network or in the cloud.

DarkShield combines the best of IRI’s deterministic data masking functions, proven search technologies, and the familiarity of Eclipse™ (or OpenAPI) to provide a single, user-friendly interface for running everything at once or in scheduled steps. And, as usual, IRI makes this solution affordable through flexible licensing options based on source volume, license duration and other features needed.

Comply with Data Privacy Laws

Delete, deliver, or anonymize data subject to PCI, GDPR, CIPSEA, DPA, FERPA, GLBA, HIPAA, POPI, etc.

Supported Data Sources

As of Version 3, DarkShield supports files accessible directly in local or SMB-compatible LAN systems, cloud-mounted drives like Dropbox and OneDrive, and Amazon S3 buckets, plus RDB tables and NoSQL collections / clusters. However, the other connection protocols listed in italics below, along with several others, can be developed.

Benefits of IRI DarkShield

  • Use popular PII patterns, or your own.

  • Simultaneous searching and remediation.

  • Separate searching and remediation.

  • Multiple, interoperable masking functions.

  • Executive dashboard and text file (.TXT) results.

  • SIEM/SOC Integration.

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