Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition)

Application development projects often present complications that cause errors, delays, and inefficiencies in the development process.  Complexity is just part of their nature, and the more complex the project the more the need for a software solution that can overcome those complexities.

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition) completely streamlines the build release process by breaking down IT development projects into their separate parts — all while providing you with complete oversight and control of the entire process.

As an enterprise level application lifecycle management (ALM) software program, Lifecycle Manager creates your team’s road map for the development process, from each change request all the way through to deployment.

Project managers benefit from a centralized view of all your business’ application components and structures to more easily meet the regulatory compliance requirements of auditors. The end result is vastly increased project efficiency and reduction in errors, with built-in repeatable processes that will allow your team to do meet its goals on time project after project.

Compatible Platforms

Supports Multiple Releases and Cross-Platform Management

The Lifecycle Manager from Rocket Aldon works seamlessly across multiple platforms and integrated developer environments, consolidating them all into one management interface, no matter how many platforms involved or number of scheduled releases.

It includes a Windows-based GUI and supports development work through Windows Explorer, in addition to a command line interface from Windows or Linux servers.

Benefits of the Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition)

  • Streamlines the application development process.
  • Allows you to specify and define multiple releases.
  • Accelerates the build release process.
  • Keeps you in control of all parts of application development lifecycle.
  • Increase developer productivity and deploy IT projects on time.
  • Automatic process tracking for easy auditor compliance.

Lifecycle Management Features

  • Customizable application definitions for multiple version development.
  • An intuitive, business-oriented window into each application’s structure.
  • Two-or-three-way interactive source comparisons.
  • Defined lifecycle paths for fine-tuned build management results.
  • Built-in activity logs and compliance reporting features.
  • Automatic file deployment to any number of servers throughout the entire process.

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