Quick-EDD/HA High Availability for IBM i

HA/DR IBM i CompatibleFor businesses considering a high availability software replication solution for the IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) platform, minimising cost and complexity will always be important. However, just as important is having confidence in the solution’s ability to reliably perform. And here is where IBM i sites can come unstuck, often due to factors such as poor performance (latency), complex/incorrect set-up and maintenance, or insufficient skills.

Quick-EDD/HA is an IBM-approved state of the art high availability software solution for IBM Power Systems (IBM i, iSeries, AS/400). The software allows the continuity of business information to be ensured by real-time replication of a complete system (data, IFS, objects, system values, etc.) to one or more other IBM i systems.

Quick-EDD’s reputation has been built on ease of implementation and maintenance, performance and confidence in fail-over scenarios.  Of the 1000+ Quick-EDD installations worldwide, hundreds migrated from their existing HA solutions to take advantage of Quick_EDD HA’s unique capabilities:

  • simplified installation and configuration with reduced costs and risk
  • automated real-time object and data integrity checks/repair for peace of mind
  • reliable replication and simple switch over/switch back processes
  • reduced costly communications bandwidth requirements by up to 50%
  • reduced CPU demand – on average only 2-3%

Contact us today and discover why Quick-EDD/HA is the choice of thousands of IBM i data centers globally.

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Disaster Recover and Real-Time Data Replication for IBM i Systems

Benefits and Features of Quick-EDD/HA High Availability

  • Fast and easy to install and implement (3-5 days).
  • Fastest replication process – faster than any competing product.
  • Minimal daily operations – 5 minutes a day.
  • Switches can be carried out fast and easily.
  • Check/Sync tool – fast detection and reparation of possible differences in the target system.
  • Quick system scan with the Independent Object Audit (IOA).
  • Synchronization is embedded in replication – no performance problems will occur.
  • Job follow up process – status and content of all running jobs visible and available on target machine.
  • Low CPU usage on the production system – 2-3%.
  • Low bandwidth usage – reduction of 50% or more in real world cases.
  • Economical licensing, with no hidden costs.