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Kantion delivers implementation and training services that empowers customers to get the most from their investment.

As no two implementation projects and no two technical environments are the same, Kantion tailors consultancy and training services to meet specific customer needs.  We ensure that the customer receives the most effective transfer of expertise possible so our clients are completely autonomous with the software.  Training can be delivered over the internet or at your location as a one on one or classroom style session.

In addition to our implementation and training services, customers have access to a range of technical documentation (User’s Guide, Installation Guide) to help them rapidly become familiar and proficient with our software.


If your team is too busy, we can help!

If you prefer to outsource your product configuration or version upgrades, Kantion’s staff has the experience to work seamlessly with your team. We also provide consultancy services for ad-hoc requirements, such as product configuration health checks.

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