Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition)

IBM i LogoApplication development and lifecycle management (ALM) on IBM i systems need a software solution specifically tailored for IBM i. Built for IMB i (iSeries, AS/400), the Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager Application (IBM i Edition) will integrate perfectly with your IBM i platforms while delivering a long list of benefits to your application management and development processes.

Lifecycle Manager simplifies application build release while simultaneously putting you in control of every detail of development. A marriage of simplification and precision.

This software tool allows you to develop a comprehensive plan for the development of each application, breaking down the lifecycle into easily-managed steps. No matter how many applications you are managing and no matter how many platforms and databases involved, Lifecycle Manager gives you a single business-friendly view to monitor every stage of development.

It also includes built-in automation for the development process that reduces workload, increases efficiency, and creates opportunities to generated repeatable process and tasks. With Lifecycle Manager, your team will be able to meet deadlines more easily and consistently meet compliance requirements.

Manage Multiple IBM i Application Releases

Working on multiple application releases, developer environments, or databases? No problem. This Rocket Aldon solution is specifically built to meet those needs, and it is able to do so while continuing to deliver the lifecycle simplification that will bring you increased efficiency.

The best way to understand the power of Lifecycle Manager is to see it for yourself. We welcome you to contact Kantion for a free software demo or to request an evaluation copy.

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Benefits of the Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition)

  • Simplifies application development on IBM i systems.
  • Built for multiple releases and project definitions.
  • Expedites final product release.
  • Fine-tuned control over every aspect of the development lifecycle.
  • Facilitates release date punctuality and development efficiency.
  • More complete auditor compliance with automatic processes.

Lifecycle Management Features

  • Supports multiple version development with custom application definitions.
  • View each application’s structure with an intuitive, business-friendly view.
  • Compare source code interactively with two-or-three-way views.
  • Creates detailed lifecycle paths for accurate build results.
  • Integrated activity logs and compliance reporting.
  • Deploys files to multiple servers automatically.

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