PII/PAN data discovery & masking

The IRI Data Protector suite of products have featured in Gartner’s Data Masking Market Guide as having a unique combination of features to help Enterprises classify, find, and mask personally identifiable information (PII) and other “data at risk” across the entire enterprise.

Data sources can be structured or unstructured, and reside anywhere on the network, including RDBs, flat files and Excel sheets on premise, or in the cloud. Implementations have also involved NoSQL DBs, documents, images, and EDI and log files. Streaming and Hadoop data sources, plus faces, are also supported.

The IRI Data Protector Suite products FieldShield, DarkShield and CellShield support field-level data masking functions for data in tables and files. They protect PII, PAN and other valuable data, and:

  • find and classify it so global masking rules can be applied later or at the same time
  • consistently apply the data masking (replace, encrypt, pseudonymize, hash, etc.) function you choose for each class of data, preserving referential integrity
  • maintain data realism with format-preserving encryption, pseudonymization, referential integrity, etc.
  • save time, money, and inconvenience by not masking non-sensitive data
  • strengthen security by supporting the application different functions to different data sources and elements
  • improve efficiency by combining data protection with data transformation and reporting
  • verify compliance with multiple data privacy laws with re-ID risk scoring and query-ready audit logs of protection jobs
  • send compliant data to applications, reports, databases, the cloud, and BI / analytic targets
  • implement data loss prevention (DLP) programs properly, and without undue complexity

IRI CellShield software does the same for PII in Excel spreadsheets, and IRI DarkShield does it for PII hidden in unstructured text, documents, NoSQL DBs,and  image files.

Components of IRI Data Protector

IRI FieldShield

FieldShield classifies, searches, and shields field values in DBs and flat files with the data security governance industry’s broadest array of data masking and anonymization functions. FieldShield statistically measures the likelihood that quasi-identifiers can re-identify someone. And, FieldShield generates rich audit logs to verify compliance.

FieldShield can nullify the effects of data breaches, and help you comply with international data privacy laws including PCI/DSS and GDPR.

IRI DarkShield

Discover, deliver and delete sensitive information hidden in unstructured, “dark data” files and folders. DarkShield simultaneously finds, masks, and reports on PII in text files, documents, images and NoSQL DBs, and blurs all or selected faces.

Whether the PII is on your desktop, S3, or anywhere on your network, DarkShield keeps it safe. DarkShield finds and masks sensitive information in multiple unstructured DB and file formats in multiple silos, all at once, supporting compliance to laws such as the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and GDPR.

IRI CellShield

When laptops fall into unauthorized hands or computer networks are breached, personally identifiable information (PII) stored in Excel files lies at risk of misuse and violation of a data privacy law. IRI CellShield EE prevents and nullifies these breaches by rapidly finding that data in every connected spreadsheet, generating reports, masking data and maintaining a secure audit trail.

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