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Modernization has been an ongoing hot topic in meetings for a while now. You and your team know it must happen eventually, but the idea feels daunting.You and your team want this project to deliver bottom-line value to the business as soon as possible, and because of the C-level visibility on the project, the pressure is on.

The big question you need to answer is “Where do I start?”. Where should you prioritize work and resources to get the most value out of the modernization project for the business as quickly as you can?

Rocket Process Insights delivers total workflow visibility to help you set your modernization priorities.

Find out quickly and easily with Process Insights

Rocket Process Insights builds a heatmap to show how your business engages with an application

Rocket Process Insights is a visual tool that enables you to see your workflows in totality, showing you the starting point on your modernization journey. Rocket Process Insights tracks the ways your organization engages with the data and business logic of your IBM i applications, so you can:

  • Give IT and business leadership a 360-degree view of the functions your IBM i applications perform
  • Use the information you’ve gleaned to build a smart modernization plan
  • Prioritize projects that best deliver higher value to the enterprise

Best of all, this isn’t a single-use tool.  You can run Rocket Process Insights every time you start a new phase of your modernization plan.

Click through to see all the workflows or highlight a particular workflow and its touch points within the application

Streamline workflows through automation

Drill down even further to see a very detailed view of a process, with screenshots, and navigation throughout the application and database.

With the end-to-end visibility of your IBM i workflows achieved through Rocket Process Insights, your business can make the seamless implementation of RPA and APIs the cornerstone of your smart modernization efforts.

Seamlessly deploy automation over your IBM i workflows using the intuitive, low-code automation tool like Rocket Process Automation (IBM i Edition), which allows you to eliminate manual and repetitive processes with ease. Or integrate your IBM i applications with the rest of the business by building APIs with tools like Rocket® Process Integration to create a more holistic business.

Benefits of Rocket Process Insights

  • Visualize end-to-end workflows and obtain in-depth clarity into your organization

  • Prioritize high-value workflows for a more strategic approach to modernization

  • Improve precision and retain talent with Rocket® Process Automation