Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager

Time is of the of the essence in the application development lifecycle, and deployment accuracy is critical.

The Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager (DM) brings IT teams to a new level of efficiency by making time-intensive manual deployment processes obsolete while also increasing the precision of file deployment.

Deployment Manager automates repetitive tasks related to application deployment. It allows you to group and automatically distribute files to the target locations you choose throughout the entire development cycle, including build results, graphics, documents, web pages, and source code files.

Switching your application lifecycle release management and deployment to automated processes will save you and your team valuable time and money, all while eliminating opportunities for human error.

Compatible Platforms

Deploy with Confidence and Security

Deployment Manager provides peace of mind regarding the security of your file transfers. You have full control over file access permissions and deployment path on every transfer. Say goodbye to your file deployment security worries.

But there’s another common kind of security problem with application development that Deployment Manager also solves, the safety net you need to accurately rollback, restore, and redeploy previous application versions. Using its built-in smart labeling features, you can quickly revert to previous states and ensure that you deliver your applications where they belong.

Contact Kantion for a free software demo of the Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager. We will be happy to demonstrate the full utility and features of this effective tool.

Benefits of the Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager

  • Simplifies application deployment with automation features.
  • Increases accuracy and reduces human error.
  • Saves time by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Easily identifies problems in the audit process.
  • A single solution for all platforms and file types.

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