Rocket Process Integration

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Rocket Process Integration enables businesses running IBM i/Z applications to build workflows and innovative experiences that align with
how customers and employees engage with your business and not to how IT is built.

Unlock valuable data and logic within your IBM i/Z core systems and connect them to the rest of the business without the need to touch underlying legacy code. Create APIs without needing to tweak underlying code or business logic within your core systems, allowing you to modernize your hosted applications for mobile access, self-service workflows, or cloud-based services.

Connect your IBM i apps to the rest of the business

Rocket Process Integration provides intuitive tools that enable you to unlock valuable data and business logic from your host applications without the need for RPG or COBOL experience. Extract discrete functionality and data from your host systems that was previously difficult or impossible to access, and make those capabilities available to virtually any application. You can provide the transactional data that runs your business—from one source or many—to the people who need it. Improve customer experiences, streamline workflows, and deliver more value to the business from your IBM i/Z applications.

No need for in-house legacy expertise

Enable your development team to build frontend solutions with modern languages, then connect those solutions to your IBM i/Z applications and data via APIs—all without needing to touch legacy code. Successfully attract fresh new talent that is required to create digital-centric experiences, while retaining the stability and operability provided by your core IBM Z and IBM i applications.

Easily deploy, manage, and secure your APIs

Rocket Process Integration includes a Modern Experience (MX) & Automation hub that simplifies the process of managing deployments and allows you to retain clear oversight throughout your modernization development efforts. Utilize the solution’s central platform to deploy correctly, secure your APIs with role-based access, identify users who access your APIs, and monitor overall API use for performance optimization and API monetization. You can even tier gateway access based on SLAs to ensure that your high-priority users always have the access they need.

If your business runs on IBM i, Rocket Process Integration also integrates with your Rocket Aldon environment, which unlocks additional agile development capabilities and allows you to implement a fully auditable DevOps methodology for development.

Benefits of Rocket Process Integration

  • Connect your IBM i/Z applications to the rest of the business

  • Create APIs quickly, without the need for in-house legacy development expertise

  • Easily deploy, manage, and secure your APIs

  • Self-healing APIs that work even if your legacy green screens change.

  • Reusable web services help you integrate with external apps and RPA platforms.

  • Advanced integration with business intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning functions.