Rocket Aldon Report Manager

Rocket Aldon Report Manager makes change management reporting for ALM fast, simple, and accessible right on your web browser. One of its unique aspects is that it is built on a widely-distributed and consistently-supported open source reporting technology.

Like with other Rocket Aldon solutions, this change management reporting software automates and simplifies a critical step in lifecycle management, as it allows you to quickly generate reports from your choice of either built-in templates or custom reports you create to fit your needs.

With the entirety of your development data at your command, you can instantly view, track, and understand each step of your project from a beautifully-intuitive home dashboard, making audit compliance easier than ever.

Reporting criteria selection options make it possible to generate the data you need in seconds, putting the power of real-time ALM intelligence at your fingertips whenever needed.

Compatible Platforms

Benefits of the Rocket Aldon Report Manager

  • User-friendly home dashboard to access comprehensive ALM data.
  • Easily meet compliance standards with real-time supporting.
  • Ready-to-use reporting templates and custom reporting options.
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer compatible.
  • Your choice of export format: .HTML, .PDF, and Microsoft Office formats.

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