Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager Web Portal

Web Portal works with other Rocket Aldon application lifecycle management (ALM) tools to give you far-reaching control of the development lifecycle on any portable device, including tablets and smartphones.

It makes it possible for your development team to stay connected to every part of the process, as long as they have their Android phone, iPhone, iPad or other mobile device with them, never missing a beat.

Web Portal provides easy views of all aspects of the development process so you can track, manage, or make changes to the release cycle on the fly, any time and anywhere. Keeping up with items such as deployment target status, deployment set status, and rollback are just as easily managed with web portal on mobile devices as managing the same processes on a desktop, essentially mobilizing your application development.

Compatible Platforms

Email-Integrated and Ready for Any Browser

Web Portal’s interface supports all mobile devices and responsively conforms views to fit the screen of the device being used, creating a consistent management experience when you switch devices. It is also compatible with all web browsers.

Finally, Web Browser further adds convenience and reduces human error and oversights by integrating into your team’s email accounts. By customizing email alert settings to fit your needs, you can ensure that your team is immediately and automatically informed of deadlines, changes, and critical issues the moment that the issues become relevant.

To receive a more in-depth look into the power of Web Portal, we invite you to contact Kantion for a free software demo.

Benefits of the Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager Web Portal

  • On-the-go application lifecycle management and compliance.
  • Integrates perfectly with Aldon Lifecycle Management tools.
  • Keeps you apprised of all application lifecycle activities — anywhere and any time.
  • Alerts you of development activities by email.

Web Portal Features

  • Interface for web browsers and mobile devices to deploy application lifecycle management activities.
  • Compatible with all browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Clean, user-friendly navigation.
  • Email-ready with embedded web portal links.
  • Views for all deployment initiatives, including activity logs and deployment reports.

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