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Kantion provides leading software security solutions to help customers address a range of security and regulatory requirements, and protect valuable or sensitive data.  As well as supporting compliance to regulations such as PCI/DSS and GDPR, Kantion helps your organisation identify and protect sensitive data wherever it may be on your network.

Combined with our experience in assessing security and implementing the appropriate solution, you benefit from pragmatic and cost effective answers to your requirements.

Product Suites

PII/PAN data discovery & masking  

The IRI Data Protector Suite of solutions, IRI FieldShield, IRI DarkShield and IRI CellShield, have featured in Gartner’s Data Masking Market Guide as having a unique combination of features to help Enterprises classify, find, and mask personally identifiable information (PII), credit card and other “data at risk” across multiple data sources and platforms.  Sources can be structured or unstructured, and reside anywhere on the network, including users’ PCs.

Where data masking or encryption is used, the IRI solutions work with the Alliance Key Manager product to manage encryption keys in a centralised, secure environment.  For IBM i customers, the Assure Encryption product provides performance benefits of native field level encryption and also integrates with Alliance Key Manager.

IBM i security and data encryption

The Assure Security products enable your organization to comply with cybersecurity regulations and strengthen IBM i security by controlling access to systems and data, enforcing data privacy, monitoring for compliance, and assessing risks.

  • Detect and effectively addresses security breaches and compliance deviations quickly
  • Protect the privacy of your company’s intellectual property, Personal Identifiable Information and prevent the theft of customer, partner and employee data
  • Limit IBM i security threats by routinely assessing risks and taking control of logon security, powerful authorities, and system access
  • Integrate your IBM i security monitoring with your enterprise SIEM strategy.

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