February 2017: Kantion is delighted to welcome Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) onboard as a new customer!

The purchase and implementation of the Assure Security security software solution will help TMHA comply with the Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Law (otherwise known as JSOX).  This requires, for example, that TMHA can demonstrate control of access, provide audibility and track changes to critical application data and systems on their IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) server.

Kantion’s security experts worked with TMHA to identify and prioritise requirements, resulting in the PoC, purchase and implementation of the Assure Security Dbase Monitoring and Elevated Authority Manager (EAM) security software products.  Kantion also provided implementation and training services.

  • The ssure Security Dbase Monitoring module provides TMHA with the ability to track, alert and provide an easy to read audit trail of changes to critical data, including before and after images.
  • The EAM module provides automated control and audit trails of user profiles and temporarily grant elevated authorities.