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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Why its time to migrate from your IBM i job scheduler.


Migrating to x-platform job scheduling has never been easier for IBM i shops. Cross-platform job dependencies, EDI, BI extracts, fewer skilled staff - the need to have one integrated job scheduler for i and non-i servers keeps growing. Kantion helps IBM i sites migrate from their IBM and 3rd party scheduling tools to [...]

Why its time to migrate from your IBM i job scheduler.2018-12-05T07:33:14+11:00

Aldon footprint grows in Asia Pacific


From this week a major banking customer is extending their usage of the Aldon Application Lifecycle Management system across the Asia Pacific basin .  With the development team required to manage changes to multiple target applications and servers, Aldon's ability to automate the deployment and provide visibility of the status for the entire process is [...]

Aldon footprint grows in Asia Pacific2018-12-05T07:33:15+11:00
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