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Ransomware’s data theft goal.


Data theft prior to scrambling files is part of the Ransomware game plan. For us, this Sophos article reinforces the need to encrypt Intellectual Property, contracts, and other commercially sensitive data, not just PII (or PAN) data dictated by regulations. Kantion's IRI Data Protector suite of products automates the sensitive data discovery and masking/encryption process [...]

Ransomware’s data theft goal.2021-04-30T11:20:29+10:00

Listen to the security guru Carol Woodbury…


Here's your opportunity to listen to one of the world's most prominent IT security experts.In this exclusive webinar Carol Woodbury, author of several published books on IBM i security, presented live to our ANZ community and held a Q&A session.In this Defence in Depth presentation, Carol discussed implementing multiple IBM i technologies that help prevent [...]

Listen to the security guru Carol Woodbury…2021-03-29T13:21:49+11:00
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