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IBM i LogoThe Cilasoft Database View Monitor (DVM) is the premiere auditing read access software solution for IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) that gives you the transparent window you need to view — in real-time — the auditing and regulatory compliance functionality and activities governed by the other modules of the Cilasoft Suite.

With DVM, you gain comprehensive management control over all of your enterprise’s sensitive data. DVM shows you in clear, intuitive views exactly who has viewed high security files and records, when they were accessed, and how they were accessed.

By providing all of this information in real-time, DVM for IBM i helps you meet read-access regulatory compliance standards with a new level of ease and precision, such as confidentiality best practices related to PCI-DSS and HIPAA.

Extensive Read-Access without Changing Your Applications

At both the field and record level, DVM gives you complete read-access auditing control by integrating into your existing applications.

By setting detailed activity selection criteria, DVM records and sends alters for each instance of unapproved access that you indicate. Its impact on your database and server performance is also minimal.

Key Features

  • Integrated simulation mode to test selection criteria
  • Fine-tuned read-access monitoring and alerts with by-user definitions
  • Optimized extraction of contextual data
  • Unique architecture with minimal impact on performance
  • Prevents users from seeing info you determine with blocking mode
  • Rule definitions supported with a large vocabulary
  • Generates reports in several types, including PDF, XLS, CSV, etc.

Benefits of DVM

  • Helps you more easily meet strict regulatory standards and best practices.
  • Secures sensitive data against accidental disclosure.
  • Effectively deters fraudulent activity.

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