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IBM i LogoQJRN/400 offers a powerful auditing and regulatory compliance software solution for IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) systems. With its features, enterprises save time and money by automating fraud detection, auditing procedures, and implementing compliance best practices.

Especially designed for companies with a high level of fraud risk, QJRN/400 leads the industry by helping organizations much more easily comply with rigid regulatory guidelines.

Just some of these guidelines include:

  • SOX
  • Basel II
  • 21-CFR

Its built-in flexibility makes QJRN/400 adaptable to any size environment — small or large, simple or complex. With plug-and-play audit reports and other automating features, it will revolutionize your organization’s ERP procedures.

Enhanced Auditing with Journals & Reports

Two modules comprise the QJRN/400 software suite, System Audit and Database Audit. These can be purchases separately or together as a suite.

Both modules utilized IBM i journaling functionality that is the preferred audit source by both audit and security experts worldwide. You have the option to generate these journal-based reports on an as needed basis or on a schedule you select, with the option to email scheduled reports to the personnel who need them.

Database Audit 

With the Database Audit module, you can create custom alerts for any activity you choose on your IBM i database, including Unicode-enabled activities. These activities display in clear, crisp audit reports that you can also customize to your needs.

Reported database change activities include: after business hours activities, non-application programs, specific database fields (discounts, credit limits, etc.), any change criteria you determine, and situation-based activities (port, job, user, program, IP address, etc.).

System Audit

This module uses the same functionality as Database Audit but it instead monitors system activity.

Just some of the system activities that it tracks and reports on include:

  • Object changes on the system (values, profiles, authorization lists, etc.)
  • Attempts to access the system
  • ALLOBJ and SECADM user activities
  • Transfers of objects, such as to production libraries or IFS directories
  • Real command line activities
  • Spooled file, adopted authorities, and exit program activities
  • Activities concerning sensitive objects

Benefits of QJRN/400

  • Greatly reduces costs and time involved in regulatory compliance.
  • Segregates duties and enforces auditor independence.
  • Creates detailed, journal-oriented audit trails.
  • Rapidly addresses security concerns and incidents of conflict.
  • Allows you to easily implement application and system utilization best practices,

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