Rev Dataflow

Rev Dataflow consolidates your file transfer protocols from multiple platforms, systems, and databases while automating them, optimizing them, and providing a single view to monitor them all.

This time-and-money-saving software solution runs natively on Windows, iSeries (IBM i, AS/400), Linux, Unix, and AIX platforms for enterprise-ready deployment.

With Rev Dataflow, all of your file transfers become automated across every system where you install it, and you will immediately notice the speed and efficiency that it brings to your enterprise. Because Dataflow works seamlessly with Rev Scheduler and other 3rd party scheduling software applications, you also have the control to schedule file transfers from such applications.

Furthermore, Dataflow is designed to be compatible with all file types, including iSeries objects, iSeries library files, iSeries, Windows, and Unix stream files, and more — including conversion to and from EBCDIC records and ASCII text.

The net effect for your organization is a more dependable, fail-proof file transfer system that virtually eliminates human error and losses from system outages.

Continue reading to learn more about security and data compression features included with Rev Dataflow.

Compatible Platforms

Transfer Files Securely and Automatically

As an enterprise level application, Rev Dataflow would not be complete without its enhanced security features that make it suitable for high-security and mission critical business operations.

Using AES 256 bit encryption, Dataflow ensures the safety of your data on every transfer.

When running in tandem with Rev Message, you can also receive automated email alerts — set at any level of detail and customization — to alert you of failed transmissions and other critical issues that may arise.

For cross-platform data transfer, Rev Dataflow is simply as secure as it gets.

Faster Transfer Speeds & Recovery Times

To recap, Rev Dataflow provides:

  • A single cross-platform file transfer protocol solution for your entire enterprise.
  • Exceptional file transfer security.
  • Scheduling for automatic file transfers (with Rev Scheduler) that reduce human errors.
  • Automatic recovery from point of failure
  • Automatic email alerts (with Rev Message) to reduce recovery times.
  • Centralized file transfer monitoring for the entire enterprise in a single view.

As if that were not enough, Dataflow will also make your file transfers faster, thanks to its built-in, on-the-fly file compression that further increases efficiency.

When a transfer fails for any reason, Dataflow automatically sends the file again, but with one important distinction. It only re-sends files from the point of failure, rather than a complete and unnecessary transmission of the entire file. This feature reduces the strain on system servers and contributes significantly to lower recovery times.

To request an evaluation copy of the Rev Dataflow file transfer solution, simply Contact Kantion Here.

Rev Dataflow Benefits

  • Replaces FTP with a centralized definition.
  • Ability to view and control all file transfer processes.
  • Full AES encryption for secure transfers.
  • Faster transmission speeds with data compression.
  • Greatly reduces human error with email alerts and automatic resend processes.

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