Rev View

A major benefit of RevSoft software products is that, in addition to automating your business and IT processes with an extreme degree of efficiency, they also centralize all of your business processes. This is where Rev View steps in.

Rev View is the free-of-charge networking module that networks all of your RevSoft software products, no matter how many instances of those products and no matter the number of platforms on which they’re installed.

All RevSoft products have multiple nodes that often operate on multiple platforms. Rev View synchronizes all of this operation activity between all RevSoft products, and the synchronization occurs without the need for user interaction.

All focal points are user-defined, and Rev View allows for an unlimited number of focal points.

Once installed, you can use Rev View to create custom management windows into your RevSoft application status, choosing either to view select applications, applications on select servers, or all applications. Map view and grid views are available for any view you choose.

Compatible Platforms

Recovery Processes and Encryption Included

In addition to the above, Rev View also keeps track of every last incoming and outgoing record. In the event of an outage or server failure, Rev View will immediately resend these records, such as transactions, when the systems come back up.

Rev View also offers encryption that can be left unused, used in one direction or used in both directions. Your choice.

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Rev View Benefits

  • Networks multiple RevSoft software products.
  • Connects Rev Scheduler for cross-platform dependencies.
  • Sends all jobs from all systems to centralized point.
  • Provides a Control Centre to monitor all RevSoft products.
  • 100% Free of charge module.

Additional Benefits

  • Tracks last incoming and outgoing records.
  • Both map and grid views available.
  • Unlimited number of focal points.