Rev Message – Message & Event Monitoring Software

Businesses and IT teams need assurance that critical business process and system resource will perform with maximum efficiency.

Rev Message does just that — it ensures that the right member of your team is immediately (and automatically) alerted of important system events and escalates issues that can potentially impact your bottom line, and it does this in real-time.

This software solution provides unique flexibility and user-friendliness beyond the scope of other event monitoring and messaging solutions because its architecture is designed to integrate throughout your entire enterprise.

Rev Message runs natively on nearly any platform, allowing you to easily monitor large scale operations across separate servers, databases, operating systems, and other software programs, including:  IBM i (iSeries, AS/400), AIX, Linux, Unix, and Windows.

Compatible Platforms

Catch Every Process & Issue

With Rev Message, your business or organization can say goodbye to manually monitoring message queues, event logs, system logs and all the risks and costs associated with non-automated processes.

The centralised view of all events and automatic alerts will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, so that critical system issues can be addressed and resolved as quickly as they appear.  Escalation paths ensure that service levels are protected, and a web interface allows secure remote monitoring of all servers/platforms from any browser enabled device.

This program also integrates seamlessly with the other RevSoft products.  When used with Rev Scheduler, for example, your team gains the highest degree of visibility possible over every schedule event, with alerts issued for events such as failed jobs, or job over/under runs.

Because Rev Message installs natively on each of your systems, your entire enterprise benefits from increased resiliency. As opposed keeping your messaging software on a single server that could crash your entire messaging system, Rev Message will continue to operate on the disparate servers where it is installed when one or another temporarily goes down.

Finely-Tuned Control . . . Centralised

To add to the nimbleness of its database-distributed installation, Rev Message provides a degree of cross-platform ease-of-use unlike any other event messaging program in its class.

No matter how complex your systems or how many different servers and operating systems on which you install Rev Message, your team controls all of its functionality on one simple graphical user interface (GUI).

In addition, a Web interface allows you to monitor and respond to critical events even when on the move.

For each system message you have the power to configure rules on a case-by-case basis, making it possible to completely tailor Rev Message to your organization’s needs. In addition to greatly increasing the efficiency of your team and the labor overhead involved in managing several platforms, this centralized dashboard and standardized functionality reduces your business costs by eliminating the need to train team members on more than one platform.

To request a product demo of Rev Message, or to request an evaluation copy of the software to try it out, simply Contact Kantion Here, and we will be glad to assist you.

Rev Message Benefits

  • Catch critical system events with automatic alerts.
  • Solve escalated business issues quickly.
  • Easily tailor rules to meet your unique business needs.
  • Centralized monitoring and management for all platforms.
  • Seamlessly interfaces with helpdesk and other 3rd party monitoring tools.

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