Rev Scheduler – Job Scheduling Software

Rev Scheduler is a powerful and easy-to-use job scheduling software application that runs natively on multiple applications, databases, and server types, including:

  • iSeries, IBM i, AS/400 (click here)
  • Windows
  • Unix
  • AIX
  • Linux

By using Rev Scheduler, your business, organization, or enterprise receives all the benefits of an automatic, distributed-database job scheduling application. Rev Scheduler reduces operational costs by centralizing and automating all of your job scheduling across multiple servers and into one intuitive GUI, with real-time job monitoring and detailed insights into your business intelligence reports.

Watch the short introductory video below about the features that Rev Scheduler offers.

Compatible Platforms

Lower Business Costs & Reduce Risks

Rev Scheduler combines two critical architecture elements that work together to save you time, money, and reduce business risks. These elements are its database-distributed model and its centralized monitoring platform.

Because Rev Scheduler installs on each server (or OS instance) where you need it, you can completely avoid the risks associated with single-point-of-failure scheduling agents and a master scheduling server. When one server temporarily goes down, Rev Scheduler continues to perform on the other servers where it is installed.

Compatible server types include: IBM DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, and Microsoft Access servers.

Although its installation is distributed across multiple servers, Rev Scheduler seamlessly centralizes your monitoring, job definitions, reporting, and job scheduling control in one dashboard interface. All jobs and processes display the same, regardless of the server from where they originated, for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

In effect, you get the best of both worlds — the control of centralized monitoring with the security of database distribution. In addition, Rev Scheduler saves your business money by eliminating the need to train team members on multiple applications.

“Example: use Rev Scheduler to ensure a BI ETL task on a Windows server is triggered only upon successful completion of the daily ERP sales update batch process running on an IBM i server. By using Rev Scheduler to manage the job submission for both applications, BI reports are only generated on the correct updated data, and no processing time is wasted waiting for jobs that have already finished”

Scalable and Reliable Functionality

SME and Enterprise organizations around the world rely on Rev Scheduler’s scalable architecture to meet their scheduling needs. Indeed 40% of the New York Stock Exchange’s transactions are processed through Rev Scheduler!

Rev Scheduler’s GUI interface provides users with visibility of all jobs – JDE and other applications, for all platforms – from one screen. Filters can then be applied to view jobs by application, business unit, server, job status, date range etc. as required. Its GUI is free and can be used by as many people as you need.

“You will see on one centralized screen if an issue occurs with any job, on any server. In addition, a message is generated which can be emailed to notify appropriate staff. Access to error logs is as simple as a right click and view/pdf”.

The GUI interface also provides excellent productivity tools, such as pdf documentation of job definitions, run sheets, error logs, history logs – even Gantt charts and flow diagrams for schedule planning.

When used in combination with Rev Message, email alerts are automatically sent with escalation routes to ensure that outstanding issues are immediately addressed.

Summary of Functions:

  • Provides event based scheduling as well as traditional time-based submissions.
  • Manages dependencies and reactivity between applications and platforms.
  • Automatic generation of job history, documentation and audit trails.
  • Provides multiple, flexible calendars (e.g. 454, 445) to reflect actual business processes.
  • Job monitors that alert of job over-runs and under-runs – even if no failure is reported.
  • Ability to change period end dates for all relevant jobs through one easy step.
  • Easy to use GUI interface to centrally manage and monitor all jobs across all applications/servers.
  • Visual and audible Notifications generated when issues occur.
  • No additional hardware required.
  • No limit to number of users or jobs.
  • Affordable subscription-based licensing to avoid capital expenditure.

Rev Scheduler is licensed on a subscription or perpetual licence basis, with software updates, telephone and email technical support provided covered by maintenance. For IBM i servers additional LPAR licenses are free of charge.

To request an evaluation copy of the Rev Scheduler job scheduling software, simply Contact Kantion Here.

Rev Scheduler Benefits

  • Centralizes batch processing across multiple server and platform types.
  • Eliminates manual job scheduling tasks.
  • Reduces human error with full automation.
  • Real-time process monitoring reduces business risks.
  • Saves time and lowers operational overhead for increased efficiency.

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