Rev Guardian

If your business or enterprise systems operate on multiple servers, databases, or platforms, then you already have first-hand experience with the labor-intensity involved in monitoring the performance of those resources and keeping them working at optimal efficiency.

The features and benefits that Rev Guardian offers as a server environment management application bring all of that manual work to an end, but Rev Guardian does much more than simply lowering your operational overhead.

Guardian performs checks on every system and user command, including process validation, job status, file availability, web page availability, disk usage, network status and others. When it detects a problem, it then takes action by performing a recovery command, sending an email or generating a system event or message.

With such system management automation in place, Guardian ensures that every issue is caught as soon as it happens, greatly reducing recovery times and instances of human error.

Compatible Platforms

Cross-Platform Compatibility in a Single View

One of the major operational problems with multi-platform business systems is that conventional resource management requires separate monitoring of each system on the platform where it is installed.

This is another critical area where Rev Guardian has you covered.

Like with all of the RevSoft software solutions that we offer, Guardian also centralizes all of your enterprise in both a single dashboard view and a single graphical control interface, running natively on IBM i (iSeries, AS/400), Windows, Unix, Linx systems, and more.

To request a product demo of Rev Guardian, or to request an evaluation copy of the software to try it out, simply Contact Kantion Here, and we will be glad to assist you.

Rev Guardian Benefits

  • Centralizes monitoring of all servers and resources.
  • Proactive alerting for automated environment monitoring.
  • Reduces labor costs related to systems monitoring.
  • Helps correct business impacting issues faster with automatic fixes and alerts.
  • Works with Rev Message to create escalated email alerts to ensure outstanding issue resolution.

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